Christian DeShields-Spencer

Boss Of the Company

Christian is the heart and soul of The DeShields Group, which was born out of his desire to channel his creative energy and compassion into a living legacy of solving problems and helping those in need. His unique character, various gifts, and capacity for empathy are what make him a beacon of what our organization champions: children who care to change their communities. Christian loves to rise to a challenge and aspires to affect lasting change wherever he goes, all the while calling on others to join the cause! 

Kimberly DeShields-Spencer


Our co-founder is a sharp woman who's successfully braved the unpredictable world of business and made waves in various other fields, but she is also a loving mother who wants to see her son, Christian, realize his dream of going out into the world and making a difference. Kim works hard to show people what it means to sow into others, and Christian gets to see the example she sets firsthand as well as practice it himself. Together, they created The DeShields Group to pass this principle along to others.


Destinee Joy Frasier

Chief Motivator 

Destinee Frasier is our resident "life-of-the-party."  A natural leader who loves to connect with others in community, have fun, and stay up to date with the latest in social relations and development, she demonstrates an intelligence that belies her age. Forward-thinking, fearless, and faithful, Destinee was the obvious choice for our organization's unofficial community liaison and motivating force.

Charles Spencer

Director of Visual & Media Development

Since Christian is the heart and soul of The DeShields Group - Charles is the key to visually helping us document the laughs, smiles and excitement that takes place when projects come together.  His eye always captures those special moments that define the heart of The DeShields Group. Charles commitment to helping our youth grow, challenge themselves and to have fun in the process defines his heart in what he does.